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Just a Regular Blog (About the USPS)

The United States Postal Service is way ahead of the political correctness game. Most industries already have diversity laws in place based on race and gender. Maybe age? I dunno. But the USPS has gone above and beyond. I am convinced that they are the first Government Agency to hire on the basis of Competence Diversity. Otherwise, this story I am about to tell just couldn’t ever have happened: PROLOGUE:When you get married & move…

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a follow-up (You Can Get The CD Today) / A Story From Kindergarten.

For those of you that already read all this yesterday, I apologize for my exuberance. It’s been 18 months waiting… So that you have not wasted your time, please allow me to tell you a story. One time when i was in kindergarten, this kid named Patrick Jackson used to sit behind me and pull my hair. Every day for about two weeks he pulled my hair. When I came home whining about it, my…

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