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My Dog Is An Atheist

my dog is an atheist. I was convinced of this today, when in the course of about 2 minutes, I watched her defy the Bible about a half-dozen times. 1.) Thou Shalt Not Envy I was cooking up some hot dogs in the microwave for lunch. Any time I try to cook, I have to practice a mixture of ballet and jujitsu just to avoid the ubiquitous little lab; she is constantly positioning herself to…

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Tour Blog / A Few Reviews and Interviews

it’s good for me to get out on the road once in awhile. it reminds me why i do what i do. this weekend was a full one – we hit cincinnati on friday night at Kaldi’s, and learned that while Nashville is on Central time, Cincinnati is not. So when we were supposed to be showing up at 8:30 for a 9:30 show…. instead of getting there 53 minutes before i was supposed to…

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Levi Keeps You Updated On The Internet News!

WALES. STOP IT. or anyone else for that matter. I promise whatever it is you are going through is not worth that. seriously. E-mail me. Or someone you know. or something. please? AFGHANISTAN seriously? If there is one thing we have learned from history, is it not that the more overbearing and tyrrany-based the authority is, the more likely they are to suffer the wrath of some form of an uprising by the masses? Large…

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