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A Year Unreviewed

It’s December 21st. The shortest night of the year, as if this whole thing wasn’t going to be over soon enough. I’ve just finished playing the last show of this Life Dream / Year On Tour / Year In An RV With My Family, and I’m backstage, staring into a mirror in the dressing room. I haven’t broken eye contact with myself in almost fifteen seconds, and it’s getting awkward. My family and friends are…


On Brokenness, Beauty, and Restoration.

I got an e-mail on September 25th via the website from a [name redacted]. I’m terrible at e-mail while driving / playing shows, but I I finally got a chance to reply today. Unfortunately, Hotmail kept sending it back, saying that the e-mail address didn’t exist. The words meant a lot to me, and some of my reply I’ve been meaning to write out for awhile now, so I’ll post it here and hope that…

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Living in an RV as a touring musician, I have the convenient luxury of avoiding news stories until I choose to begin reading about them. If they aren’t brought to my doorstep, I can elect to remain blissfully unaware. (For example, I haven’t seen any of your ice bucket challenges, though I offer sincere congrats on all the money you’ve raised). But a couple of weeks ago, from a cabin on the South coast of…