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On Brokenness, Beauty, and Restoration.

I got an e-mail on September 25th via the website from a [name redacted]. I’m terrible at e-mail while driving / playing shows, but I I finally got a chance to reply today. Unfortunately, Hotmail kept sending it back, saying that the e-mail address didn’t exist. The words meant a lot to me, and some of my reply I’ve been meaning to write out for awhile now, so I’ll post it here and hope that…

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Living in an RV as a touring musician, I have the convenient luxury of avoiding news stories until I choose to begin reading about them. If they aren’t brought to my doorstep, I can elect to remain blissfully unaware. (For example, I haven’t seen any of your ice bucket challenges, though I offer sincere congrats on all the money you’ve raised). But a couple of weeks ago, from a cabin on the South coast of…

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A Release, A Hello, and a Compendium of Links.

Hello from Texas! I’m here for a couple of weeks booking shows. If you live in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, or Colorado and would like to help me book a show, please e-mail me – info(at) 1.) “Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me” is officially finished and released, after 2.5 years of work!!┬áThe US iTunes link is here, and we will have the physical (CDs/vinyl) store up and running…

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