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First Radio Interview / First Reviews

Holy C-Rap, you guys: I guess this is the benefit of watching TV at 3:45am. I just saw a Death Cab for Cutie video (“Soul Meets Body”) followed by a radiohead video (“Jigsaw Puzzle Falling Into Place”). VH-1, where are you during all the awake hours? Is Tila Tequila Reeeeeeallly that much cooler than this? (no. she is not even cooler than Buckcherry. who is on now. *sigh* it was fun while it lasted.)Anyway. That’s…

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On CD Releases and things

I’m convinced my equipment has some form of supernatural skullduggery going on in its inner workings. At practice on Thursday night, everything was working magnificently. The levels were all set, everything was good to go. Friday, one hour to doors…. nothing. My dad is here early. He is supposed to play keyboards on Of Bridges Burned. We haven’t practiced it. Ever. That was supposed to happen now. Instead, I am pulling wires out of sound…

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Just a Regular Blog (About the USPS)

The United States Postal Service is way ahead of the political correctness game. Most industries already have diversity laws in place based on race and gender. Maybe age? I dunno. But the USPS has gone above and beyond. I am convinced that they are the first Government Agency to hire on the basis of Competence Diversity. Otherwise, this story I am about to tell just couldn’t ever have happened: PROLOGUE:When you get married & move…

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