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On Statues and Schools and the safe distance of time

If I say “racism is bad”, all but a hateful margin would agree. It’s like saying “food is good” Sure. But the rub is when we try to define what is racist, and what is not. I’m not concerned with convincing the hateful margin with this post. They’re not reading anyway. But I do think there is a sizable slice of America who would agree with the statement “racism is bad” on its face, but…

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That Middle Falling Place

It takes one bravery to let go of what seems safe and join the fight It takes another to not get comfortable in the long wrestling That long grappling middle that contends between a certain and closed-fist past And an unknowing and blank-slate future It takes a leap into a terrifying nothing to admit “I don’t know” And it takes a constitution and a steeling of nerves to declare “I have learned some things” The…

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Here’s what it’s like to call your Senators.

I do not enjoy confrontation. I am generally a pretty easy-going guy, and capable of enduring things that inconvenience me. Perhaps it was my rural Texas upbringing that pounded “No Whining” into my psyche. Or perhaps I distrust the ability of others not to escalate a simple disagreement into a screaming match. Whatever the reason, I just avoid it if it’s not a big deal. But another thing crept into my core values: a deep…

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