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That Middle Falling Place

It takes one bravery to let go of what seems safe and join the fight
It takes another to not get comfortable in the long wrestling
That long grappling middle that contends between a certain and closed-fist past
And an unknowing and blank-slate future

It takes a leap into a terrifying nothing to admit “I don’t know”
And it takes a constitution and a steeling of nerves to declare “I have learned some things”
The former is a leap into vulnerability for the first time
The latter (if you’ve done the former right) is the same.

But you must

If you stay too long in that middle falling place, if you feed it too many years
You find that it has grown too large.
Pushing your too-certain past and your never-certain future further to each margin
Eventually, you realize you spent a life trying to reconcile
Two sliver-thin bookends that grew insignificant.

It is okay to hold what you know in an open hand.
But you must hold it, lest you leave it on the side of a never-ending highway.

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