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A Release, A Hello, and a Compendium of Links.

Hello from Texas! I’m here for a couple of weeks booking shows. If you live in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, or Colorado and would like to help me book a show, please e-mail me – info(at)

1.) “Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me” is officially finished and released, after 2.5 years of work!! The US iTunes link is here, and we will have the physical (CDs/vinyl) store up and running soon. I think it will be available in [Anywhere Not Named The U.S.A.) by early next week, pending iTunes’ processing speed.

Side Note: Yesterday, on its first day in the store, it hit #23 on the Singer-Songwriter charts. i was briefly ahead of the Lumineers and ONE version of one of Ed Sheeran’s albums (the other three still beat me)

2.) Some Interviews/ Reviews / Other Fun Links

– “ROCK AND ROLL IS MURDER…” I was part of an interview for Musician’s Friend about life on the road and tips for touring.

– “IT’S GOING TO BE …FLASHY” – I did the local weather during my visit to Grand Rapids, MI

– PADDLEBOATS – I did a live version of Paddleboats, from the new album, and my friends from The Feral Few were there to video it.

– “BE BRAVE, PREPARE TO FACE YOUR HEARTACHE, AND GET THIS ALBUM “: The best review of “Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me” so far, from the fine people at Nanobotrock. (shorter: a short but sweet album review from Pittsburgh )

– RELEVANT MAGAZINE’S “THE DROP” – I tried the link and it’s dead, so if you missed it, you missed it, but I’m still mentioning it here because I love Relevant Magazine.

– MORE TELEVISION: I performed “Song in my Branches” on live television in Memphis. Pay no mind to the fact I’m wearing the same shirt on both of my TV appearances. I will probably just keep doing this in the future, as a bit.

– “I CANNOT MAKE COFFEE, BUT I CAN MAKE A CANAL” – The official blog has moved from here to Here’s one example.

I hope you like the new album. If you do, please talk about it to your friends until they beg you to shut up. If you’re anything like me, you have to hear about a new band either from 3-4 different people, OR like 50 times from one person before you actually give them a listen, so please be annoying on my behalf, since I don’t know all of your friends to annoy them myself.


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