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How A British Crime Show Tipped Me Off That You Guys Are Awesome…

Not that I didn’t know this already…

-SO- a little back story, for those of you that (wisely) choose to stay off the internet on the weekends…

I’ve been sitting on a completed EP for almost two weeks, waiting for the release date so I could share it with you all. Saturday afternoon, I just couldn’t take it anymore. In a spontaneous fit of impatience, I uploaded the songs and declared Saturday and Sunday to be the “Sort of Secret Sneak Peek Weekend”. It would be up for the weekend, and then I would take it back down until the “official” release date of March 29th.

Well, the response was overwhelming.

However, I probably wouldn’t have noticed just *how* overwhelming if I hadn’t been spending a night in with Heather, catching up on Season Two of Luther on Netflix.

Since we were using the computer to watch the harrowing tales of the most conflicted law enforcement agent this side of John McClane, I had to use my phone to take down the EP. Thus, I saw a screen I don’t usually see: the homepage / log-in screen.

This is what I saw:

What the what?!

After I took the screen shot, I refreshed the page to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Sure enough, there I was. #4 on the homepage.

You guys!!

I turned and showed the screen to Heather. “I can’t exactly take this down now, can I?” I said, probably not in a British accent.

She agreed. You guys have spoken. “I Am Only a Tiny Noise” now has two official release dates: Saturday, March 24th for the digital, and Thursday, March 29th for the CDs. (They’ll be available at all my shows this Spring / Summer).

I can’t thank you enough. I hope the EP is worth every penny you spent on it. Please know how grateful I am that you bought it when you could have just listened to it for free as many times as you wanted. Without going into detail… it will be nice to be able to actually *get* to Texas to resume the tour on Thursday.

With sincere gratitude and probably still not a British accent,


EDIT: a quick addendum to the story: a couple of weeks ago, I had right at 500 plays in one day on bandcamp when I put “The Letters of Dr. Kurt Gödel” up for free for one day. It was the most plays I’d had in one day, ever. Since “…Tiny Noise” went on to the charts late last night, I’ve broken that record. Twice. Last night = 625 plays. Today so far (at 11:14am): 720 plays. You guys’ support has not only been direct, but you have exposed me to a whole new pool of potential new fans. You Did This. Thank you!!



    That is AWESOME (not in a British accent) !!!!! (maybe Aussie)
    Keep having fun out there!!!

  2. That is awesome man! I thought I had missed the deadline because I downloaded it last night at 12:05 am! Glad I didn’t miss out. Looking forward to this summer. Oh, and by the way, Luther is one of the best shows ever. Idris Elba is a boss…Ruth Wilson ain’t half bad either!

  3. Glad the Brits helped you make the discovery! We always appreciate free stuff, but your music is SO worth buying!!! Don’t give it all away – you & Heather need to eat, ya know…Let us know when you’re back in the Springs & bring more CD’s

  4. Robert Adams Robert Adams

    Levi, not only is it worth the money, I think you may have a major hit single on your hands. The EP is all excellent, some of your best work. But I’ve played “Talk Me Down” for some friends and everyone loves that one instantly and sees it as a radio hit. I hope you’ll consider promoting that song. I really think that one could break through for you.


  5. Monica W. Monica W.

    I also caught up on Luther this weekend. I for one enjoyed this season more and season 1. It was excellent. I somehow adore Alice, is that bad? Also I’m loving this album. Fo serious. Also I’m going to need a t-shirt with that album cover please sir!!!

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