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Just a Regular Blog (About the USPS)

The United States Postal Service is way ahead of the political correctness game.

Most industries already have diversity laws in place based on race and gender. Maybe age? I dunno. But the USPS has gone above and beyond. I am convinced that they are the first Government Agency to hire on the basis of Competence Diversity. Otherwise, this story I am about to tell just couldn’t ever have happened:

When you get married & move states, one of the first things you do is get all the “paperwork” in order. high on that priority list is usually filling out a change of address form. It’s a pretty straightforward piece of work: what’s your old address? what’s your new address? is this for just you, or your whole family?… that’s… that’s actually pretty much it.

We started getting all of my wife’s family’s mail. Apparently, the USPS puts that last question on there just for fun. We were getting everything from bills to catalogues…. so we went back and tried to fix it. I didn’t personally deal with the USPS, but the wife seemed kind of perturbed, which is not an easy thing to do, so I assume they must have been either a.) rude b.) mentally incompetent, or (most likely) both. i didn’t ask. i just hoped it was all over and fixed.

CHAPTER 2: The USPS tried to fix the problem. We assume. All we know is that all of our mail started going to her parents’ house. *sigh*

At least now they were getting their mail. Unfortunately, we weren’t getting ours. More phone calls ensued.

CHAPTER 3 (SUBTITLE: “Send Them Everything Else!): We now get mail for everybody. Your mail is probably in my mailbox right now. From some-guy-i’ve-never-heard-of-named-Brian-McDaniel to Rita something or another to (you guessed it) Heather’s Parents, our mailbox is the catch-all. Someone from the USPS even went to the effort of (how is this even possible?) changing her parents’ address info at CHASE BANK. We get MAIL FROM THEIR FREAKING BANK.

We do NOT, however, receive things like… our water bill. Or other mail addressed to us. We incurred a late fee on our water bill this month because it never came to us. The logical place for a TENNESSEE water bill would be, of course, Texas.

So I called the Postal Service yesterday. After being on hold for almost an hour (not only are they costing us Water Money, they’re costing us Phone Money. Next time they want to up stamp prices, they should instead just ask for a kickback from water & phone) I got to talk to Aneeka, who asked me my current address. Twice. The first time, I got it all out. The second time, i got as far as:

me: “…..Nashville.”
her: “Nashville, Texas?”
me: “Tennessee.”
her: “Tennessee… Texas?

I think I see where the problem starts.

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