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a follow-up (You Can Get The CD Today) / A Story From Kindergarten.

For those of you that already read all this yesterday, I apologize for my exuberance. It’s been 18 months waiting… So that you have not wasted your time, please allow me to tell you a story.

One time when i was in kindergarten, this kid named Patrick Jackson used to sit behind me and pull my hair. Every day for about two weeks he pulled my hair. When I came home whining about it, my (probably embarassed) dad taught me how to fight.

First, you ask him nicely to stop. (I already covered that step a dozen times, dad, let’s get to the part about unleashing hell on this kid.) Then you firmly turn around, look him in the eye and calmly tell him “patrick, this is your last chance. I asked you nicely, now stop it.” (okay, we’re getting somewhere. can i emphasize the point with a headbutt?”) and if he does it again, you calmly stand up, turn around and punch him square in the nose as hard as you can. (YES. ) i guess my dad figured that 5 year olds couldn’t do too much damage, i doubt he’d have given me this advice at 22. Heck, I don’t think he would have given me that advice at 9, after I discovered WWF. I would have been inclined to try out a Junk Yard Dog PowerSlam.

which… is dangerous….. i guess.

Anyway, so I was all geared up. The next day I went to school all psyched out about how I was going to get to punch Patrick Jackson in the nose.

And here’s the best part. He never pulled my hair again. Not ever. I never even got a chance to ask nicely again. (i would have totally skipped that step, i’m just saying. it was like a miracle.)

i was so disappointed.

(and then we were friends all through highschool, even though i went to a different school.)

the end.


So I dunno if I made this clear yesterday. i read it again and kind of confused myself:

You can download the CD *TODAY* at the CDBaby site:

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Also, I definitely do have a facebook now. So I don’t know how to tell you to find me, but I do have one, and I am friends with like 20 of you on it. I don’t know how to tell you about my shows, or pretty much anything else, but i do know that if you like my music, i think clicking on this button is a good thing to do? yes.

iLike Levi Weaver


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