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CD Art! Release Date! CD Release Show! (EDIT: all…


I know. I’m SORRY! I’m like that little boy who cried wolf. I mean, any time you give 2 release dates and they both go by the wayside, you can’t really expect anyone to believe that you are being honest when you say things like December 28th.

If it’s any consolation, I have been WAAaaaaaay more frustrated by this whole process than you have. It actually started last August (16 months ago!). Then came the tour, which was a welcome delay, but after that, it just seemed that one thing after another has further delayed this dang thing coming out. I feel like I’m already ready to make another one, this one feels so much like I’ve “birthed” it on several occasions, thinking it was finished.

Anyway. Gross. Hopefully this will help you believe that it’s actually true:

I’m a little disappointed at the quality of this particular upload. There are buildings in the background that you can’t see on this one (they’ll be evident on the physical copies) Dallas’ reunion tower, and Big Ben (London) are black-on-black in the background…

This and other artwork has been finished and awaits instruction/direction from

It looks like the show on the 28th in Fort Worth at Ridglea Theatre will be a CD Release show after all!

For the rest of you, the PreSale on starts on December 6th. They will start shipping them as soon as they arrive, so to make sure that you are in on the first shipment, make sure to mark your calendar. It’s my birthday, so let me give you the gift of pre-sale. They should be delivered before Christmas.

In the meantime, there’s always those limited edition singles still for sale.

Each one of these babies is wax-sealed and signed and numbered (1-225). So if you’re into collector’s items, is the place to be right now. i think I have about 50 of them left is all.

Happy December you guys.

EDIT: Mark brought up the fact that I should add this to the blog, so it can be, at least a little bit, addressed to the correct demographic. This, from a bulletin earlier today:

I love getting e-mails from you guys.

Yes, I am almost a year behind on replying to them, but i *AM* replying to them. I think it’s the least i can do – I feel like I owe that to you guys – you took the time to e-mail me, and for as long as I am able, I want to be in touch with you guys.

(I’m aware that by putting this in a bulletin, I am preaching to the choir)

But what sucks is when I get a message, especially one with a subject like “Please Respond!” or “You Changed My Life” or something of that nature…. something telling me that it’s really important that I reply to them…

and I get a message typed out, and hit send….

…and it says “You Must Be ________’s Friend to Send Them A Message”

okay. I’ll just save this message, and add you as a friend…

“_________ does not accept friend requests from bands”

well great,

so now I have one more person thinking I’m a jerk that doesn’t reply to my messages when it’s their own fault.
gripe, gripe, gripe!!!!

okay, i’m done. thanks for listening.


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