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“Mike Pence doesn’t …what, now?”

Preface: My hope in writing this was not to win an argument. Re-reading it, I’m not even sure I’ve staked a flag in the ground. But having read a lot of misunderstandings on the topic today (including my own, initially), I wanted to write something to at least help increase the understanding of what the conversation is, and what it is not.  It’s not news–there are articles dating back at least to 2002 outlining some ground…

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DFW Airport, 1/28/17

I’m a writer, but I’m going to keep this as simple and as short as possible. 1. The countries on today’s Muslim Ban list have combined to kill zero Americans on U.S. soil in acts of terrorism from 1975-2015 2. The countries left off the ban (Turkey, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan) are all countries in which Donald Trump has business ties (source: Bloomberg) 3. Terrorist attacks on U.S. soil from this region…

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Here is all I’ve got today.

I used to write when I needed to find my best self. I would erase my first and most visceral reaction, then by the third or fourth draft, I would find my true voice: one that found some tiny diamond of redemption and sought to magnify it, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. I engaged and endured the many ensuing (frustrating) conversations, because I believed that in doing so, in some small…

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